What is a title report?

Generally, this is a limited title report, and shows the legal owner and encumbrances, including liens from the period of time the owner was conveyed title to the land until the present date. There are many variations, which might include researching further back in time, locating prior owners, including additional encumbrances, etc.

How do you find the information?

The county recorder’s offices contain all legal documentation regarding land, people, businesses and other organizations. We also utilize other sources like title plants, tax offices, appraisal districts, maps, city offices, etc.

Will a title report show who owns the minerals?

A title report, referred to in the first question above, is for the surface of the land. Ownership of the surface and ownership of the minerals, in many cases, is entirely separate. A properly conducted mineral search should really start in the early 1900’s and be researched to the present date to be certain all percentages of mineral ownership are accounted for.

Are you able to locate where people are?

Some legally recorded documents contain addresses, and unless the people are trying to hide, these addresses can be helpful in locating someone. Tax records also contain addresses and can be used for the same purpose, however neither of these can GUARANTEE where someone is living. There are services called skip-tracers that would be able to help with finding people who might not want to be found.